Primary spine care since 1989

 01772 696 611

Primary spine care since 1989

 01772 696 611

our fees chiropractic associates prestonInitial Chiropractic Consultation
£65 (45 minutes) including first treatment

Return Chiropractic Treatment Appointment
£35 (15 minutes)

Massage/Rehabilitation/Sports Therapy
£30 (30 minutes)

Medical Acupuncture
£35 (30 minutes)

Prepaid Chiropractic Care Plan Save £30 
£180 (Six Return Chiropractic Appointments)

Return Consultation (returning to clinic after two or more years)
£60 (45 minutes)

Chiropractic Double Appointment
£50 (30 minutes)
For our existing patients:

  • upon request
  • returning to the clinic after one year
  • with new conditions
  • with existing conditions requiring additional:
    • consultation
    • examination
    • treatment time
    • imaging/special test review

Letters and reports quoted upon request.

Unsure if chiropractic can help? Call us on 01772 696 611 and ask for a quick chat with a chiropractor, it's free of charge - we’re here to help!

Reflecting our commitment to keeping spinal health care as affordable and accessible as we can we are holding our Chiropractic Treatment, Massage & Pre Paid Plan fees at the same rate since 2017.